Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Teddy Boys

Teddy Boys and Girls were one of the first post war subcultures to develop. I found information and pictures from websites such as the ones below.

'All began in the early 1950’s in England. Some teenagers gangs appeared in the East End of London; they were called the Cosh boys. It was very easy to recognise them. They wore a very special rig : long jacket with velvet collar and cuffs drain-pipe trousers like under the reign of Edward VII (1901-1910), bright ankle socks and slim Jim tie. Their hair was “long” and greased. These Cosh boys terrified the English society : razor attacks, fights between gangs but also against the police, robberies … After the Second World War England woke up with an headache ! Press needed a new term to describe these gangs which number increased each day? The word chosen was Teddy Boy(s) and Teddy Girl(s), Ted(s)' - (quote from theteddyboys.co.uk/1950s/)

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